Masculinity 2.0


The foundation of male privilege and power that defines Toxic Masculinity is the unexplored fear, pain, anger, sadness, and shame of “not feeling enough” that provokes a reaction in us as men to control and oppress others.


Once we learn how to embrace and heal this dark side of our emotional world, we naturally will put down our Mask of Masculinity and begin to mature emotionally.


If there is one personality trait that I would wish for my male brethren, it would be to experience the feeling of Healthy Masculinity that comes from EMOTIONAL MATURITY – especially as it affects our intimate relationships.


This 21st century version of masculine identity that I call Masculinity 2.0 celebrates emotional maturity as a strength – not as a weakness.


Just as women have been working for the past 50 years to redefine what it means to “be a woman”, it is time for us as men to redefine what it means to “be a man”. It is time for us as men to stand alongside women to fight this cruel ideology by healing the lie that is at the heart of our Male Inadequacy Myth.


Only then will we be capable of making a difference at family, community, tribal, national, and global levels.