How Healthy Masculinity Will Transform Your Life,

Your Relationships, and the World


I wrote this book to help men identify all the ways that we have been brainwashed to think that what makes us more manly and more masculine is to act as if our emotional world does not exist. We do this by wearing a Mask of Masculinity that covers up our feelings and flaws, but it also torpedoes our intimate relationships by keeping us from our authenticity, personal integrity, and self-respect.


The TRUE HEART of a MAN teaches men how to put this mask down and to risk being real with the people they love. The book also gives men a 7-step roadmap in how to reclaim their emotional world in a healthy and mature way. Doing this will: a) give men the opportunity to become a bigger and better version of themselves; b) help men become better intimate partners in the relationships with their loved ones; and c) help men be more confident in how to join women in the battle against the toxic mindset that maintains the status quo of misogyny, sexism, racism, and homophobia around the world.



An Idea Worth Sharing

Healing the Male Inadequacy Myth

As men learn how to distinguish their survival mentality from their masculinity, they are more able to become vulnerable to the person they love. This not only creates deeper emotional intimacy in the relationship, but more importantly, it opens a man up to know his own authenticity, personal integrity, and self-respect.


Unfortunately, these traits are NOT a part of what traditional masculinity teaches us to be as men. As we learn to live our lives from this place of honoring our personal Truth, we become healthy, mature emotional partners in our intimate relationships.