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“If you’re a man wishing to understand himself better, or a woman who loves a man, this book has the power to change your life. It’s time for men to break out of the prison of traditional masculinity. The True Heart of a Man  can help.”

Terry Real, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author & Family Therapist

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"Regardless of a man's age, race, creed, or sexual preference, Dr. Vierra helps the reader understand the difference between a man's survival instincts and healthy masculinity. He offers the wisdom he has gained from both his professional and personal experiences by clearly defining the deep personal price men pay whenever they ignore the Truth that lives in their hearts. This empowers every man to bring a more authentic version of himself to the people he loves. The True Heart of a Man gives men hope that the future of masculinity can and will be a model of equal partnership that does not require men to sacrifice their own needs."

Alison A. Armstrong

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