The Male Inadequacy Myth 


Similar to how women have identified the oppressive social stigma of a Beauty Myth that judges their inherent value and worth by their outward appearance, men’s inherent value and worth are similarly subjected to an evaluation that creates an Inadequacy Myth in their heads. For men, this evaluation is based on how successful they are at performing and accomplishing tasks.


The Male Inadequacy Myth that rents space inside a man’s head about how “successful” he is pressures him to try to live up to an image of having few if any flaws, which would hopefully offer evidence of his worthiness to attract a potential mate. How could this NOT shape a man’s self-concept?


The “myth” of the Male Inadequacy Myth in NOT that a man is without flaws. (As a human being, he is stuck with his imperfections!) The “myth” of the Male Inadequacy Myth is that:


As his imperfections are exposed to others – not only does he feel unmanly – but these flaws create a "story" he carries in his head that there must be something wrong with who he is. This ultimately makes him feel unworthy of someone else’s love.


Unfortunately, this "story" has enough power to separate a man from the genuine and real part of his identity – what I call his TRUE HEART – which in turn renders him incapable of creating emotional intimacy.


In order to hide his weaknesses and vulnerabilities from others, he learns to wear what I call a Mask of Masculinity to put his best face forward to others.