The Mask of Masculinity


It’s pretty normal for us humans to “wear a mask” as we engage the world on a day-to-day basis. This mask or persona – which we also call “ego” – is a way for us to protect a more authentic and vulnerable part of ourselves from the random irritants and toxicities that come at us in everyday life.


For us as men, this Mask of Masculinity is a way for us to give an impression of “everything’s fine” that fits whatever occasion we feel is needed. It’s the "I’ve-got-it-all-together” or “I’ve-got-all-the-answers” persona of capable masculinity that we all wish to convey to others.


A problem arises, however, if we rarely take this mask off in order to allow ourselves to show a deeper, more authentic version of our “real self” to the people that we love.


Many of my clients have lived behind their mask 24/7 for so long that they just assume the mask now represents who they really are.


Not true!


The genuine TRUE HEART version of who we really are behind this Mask of Masculinity deserves expression, but cannot be expressed as long as we remain unaware of the mask and the purpose that it serves!!